My Manga Madness!

I found these well-preserved drawings (comics in larval form from my early teen years). As a kid I loved manga and anime. I still do. The End!

I Hear You. You want to use All Lives Matter . . . BUT . . .

Yes, yes, I know. You want to use the #All Lives Matters hashtag to reclaim its negative connotation. You want to set yourself a part from white supremacists, white nationalists, detractors to the cause, idiots, morons, and people that don't have anymore depth than the limited complexity beyond a bumper sticker. You want to show … Continue reading I Hear You. You want to use All Lives Matter . . . BUT . . .

“The Many Faces of Ito” is . . . delightful.

The Japanese TV Drama, "The Many Faces of Ito" has it all and then some. I binge-watched it when it debuted on Netflix and may mostly re-watch it. Why? Unrequited love. Misunderstandings. Best Friends Forever Betrayal. Oh. My. Goodies! The series is mostly about Rio Yazaki, a jaded rom-com screenwriter who is struggling to make … Continue reading “The Many Faces of Ito” is . . . delightful.

Virtual Conventions 2020

In the past, I've attended a lot of conventions, but for whatever reason I didn't write much about them on my blog. Anyway, due to COVID-19's global impact, a lot of online conventions have been popping up around the world. Invited by A.M. Justice (thank you!) and launched by Virginia McClain (thank you!), I'm pleased … Continue reading Virtual Conventions 2020

Views from (Almost) All Around the World!

Hello there. How are you? I'm great! Thank you so much for asking. 😉 For a growing blog like mine, I think it's an incredibly big and sweet deal when you see visitors from countries other than your own stopping by. 🙂 Heck, even an audience of one is better than one, yes? So, this … Continue reading Views from (Almost) All Around the World!

Diversity Illusionist Part 2: What Not to Write

Growing up, I watched Golden Girls with my family. We enjoyed Sophia Petrillo's sensibilities, her spunkiness, and her flashbacks that were framed with one of television's best quotes: With that said, let's picture a golden age of technology where people—young, old, rich, poor, (please insert whatever and whoever you are)—with a clickety-clack-click-clackety of their finicky fingertips … Continue reading Diversity Illusionist Part 2: What Not to Write

A Poem a Day Series 2019 – Day 1

In honor of National Poetry Month, I'll be sharing poems that have been released to the public domain. All of the poems I've read, adored, and gathered for this blog can be found at To learn more about public domain and why it's so important, click here. And now, for the first poem of the … Continue reading A Poem a Day Series 2019 – Day 1

Racism? You Don’t Say?

A discussion came up on Facebook regarding the apparent lack of diversity in publishing when Martha Boss, book blogger, educator, and model shared her opinion regarding the lack of diversity at book events. She explained that she had no desire to attend any literary events that didn't have authors from all walks of life. And … Continue reading Racism? You Don’t Say?

Quotes to Write By – Day 11

Today's quote comes from Mildred D. Taylor, author of award-winning middle-grade titles such as, "Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry", "The Gold Cadillac" (which I need to read), and "The Road to Memphis", which is one of my own personal top ten coming of age books. 🙂 The following quote is not my way of criticizing … Continue reading Quotes to Write By – Day 11

Quotes to Write By – Day 8

Today's quote comes from my most recent accomplishment. I wrote my second picture book. My first picture book was called "Abigail and the Butterfly Masquerade." I've never submitted it and may self-publish it someday or submit it to a publishing house. This most recent attempt at writing a picture book was a lot of fun … Continue reading Quotes to Write By – Day 8