JuNoWriMo 2020 Days 16 and 17

Yesterday, I wrote only 984 words. Boo hoo hoo! Today, I did a little bit better. I love cats. And though I love cats that doesn't mean I don't have a place in my heart for dogs: especially HUSKIES! They're sooo cute! Yesterday and today, I was researching different types of cats that would work … Continue reading JuNoWriMo 2020 Days 16 and 17

JuNoWriMo 2020 Day 9

Greetings. Today, I didn't want to write.  It's not that ideas weren't shooting off like fireworks in my head, but I just didn't know if the words I had in mind would be worthy of fleshing and dramatizing my characters and scenes. Pessimistic Self: Come on, there's no way you can execute that. Lol. Just … Continue reading JuNoWriMo 2020 Day 9

JuNoWriMo 2020 Day 6

Coming up with chapter titles is something I always look forward to. Unfortunately, they don't always come so easily. So, instead of wasting time and thinking of one, I just continued writing the chapter and decided that backtracking and naming the title afterwards is fine, too. I have three more unnamed chapters to go. 🙂 … Continue reading JuNoWriMo 2020 Day 6

JuNoWriMo 2020 Day 5

Whelp, that 5K achievement button isn't mine--YET, but I'm going to keep striving for it. Lol. I had to refer to my binders full of notes in order to preserve continuity. I don't want any plot contrivances or plot holes to ruin a good story. 🙂 Today I wrote 1,333 words. Five Day Streak is … Continue reading JuNoWriMo 2020 Day 5

JuNoWriMo 2020 Day 4

I wrote 2,152 words today. I also re-read and polished this manuscript's query letter. I'm using it as a focused guide and cheerleader to get this novel finished for deep edits and revisions. This is the third re-write of the query letter as well as the third re-write of the manuscript. I needed to start … Continue reading JuNoWriMo 2020 Day 4

NaNoWriMo in June is Coming Soon!

I've been a fan of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo abbreviation) for as long as I can remember. While exploring my local library in my early twenties, I had spotted Chris Baty's guide to crafting a novel in 30 days, perfectly titled No Plot? No Problem? Intrigued and mildly skeptical, (30 days! -- wow!) I … Continue reading NaNoWriMo in June is Coming Soon!

HELP! I Have an Overactive Imagination and (sometimes) I’m Afraid to Use it!

I remember once when I was sitting at home with my oldest son, (he was eight at the time), and he snapped at me, "Why do you keep laughing?" We were supposed to be enjoying silent reading time, or perhaps I was enjoying it a little too much because I couldn't stop laughing out loud … Continue reading HELP! I Have an Overactive Imagination and (sometimes) I’m Afraid to Use it!