Books I Have Read and Reviewed (Thus Far) in 2020

This is definitely not an exhaustive list and I'm sharing a few now as this year (unravels?) to a close. 😐 I'm thankful for books and so much more. 🙂 The reviews are in no particular order. As time allows, I plan on adding more books I have completed, once I have written a review, … Continue reading Books I Have Read and Reviewed (Thus Far) in 2020

Pick Your Poison: Bloody, Brutal, and Tragic YA

I love this post’s layout and subject. The beautiful balance of aesthetic and content is icing on the cake. If you’re a reader, Vicky lays out the goodies waiting for you. If you’re reading as a writer, Vicky makes it easy to determine which books do what right so you can polish your skills with these exemplary titles as a guide.

Vicky Again

YA can really be ruthless sometimes.

From gory, bloody murder to absolutely tragic & heartbreaking stories, there is no end to the lengths these stories can go. They’ll break your heart, and be glad for it.

As such, today I’m talking about three fantastically ruthless fantasy stories that I enjoyed reading this year, and I’ve centered my recommendations around the tropes & themes in them! So, no traditional reviews here. Just lots of discussion about themes & tropes to whet your appetites 😈

Below is the short graphic so you can figure out which you want to start with, and then I elaborate on what specifically makes these books have teeth.

"Pick Your Poison." A maroon image comparing three lists, the first of "second chances, historical fantasy, knives & guns, family ties, physical monsters" associated with THESE VIOLENT DELIGHTS, the second "banter, high fantasy, innate power, religious ties, spirits inside you" with SOULSWIFT, and "the slowest of burns, urban fantasy, anything can be a weapon, no ties, unknown enemies" with BEYOND THE RUBY VEIL.

Do you like your romance with . . .

second chances?

These Violent Delights cover.

Because These Violent Delights features Juliette Cai and Roma Montogov, on two sides of a blood feud, a few years after they had fallen in love and…

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Some of my Favorite Ted Theodore Logan (Keanu Reeves) Memes!

Bill & Ted Face the Music the movie is jolly good and excellently strange fun, my dudes and dudettes! I don't know when the memes with Keanu Reeves as Ted Theodore Logan, frozen in a look of adorkable shock and awe started circulating, but I started using them as a teacher when my 7th graders … Continue reading Some of my Favorite Ted Theodore Logan (Keanu Reeves) Memes!

How to Market a Self Published Book for the Holidays (Infographic)

How To Ebook

How to Make a Self Published Book for the Holidays

There’s been a lot to distract us this year but hopefully, you’re still tracking ideas for how to market a self-published book for holiday sales!

If you haven’t started planning your holiday sales, it’s crunch time.

And while there will still be a holiday buying season this year, the 2020 version will look a bit different than those of years past.

We know retailers still plan to do Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but these sale days are being extended; physical stores are trying to limit how many people they let into their brick and mortar spaces, and at the same time Covid has impacted overall retail sales.

Plus “Christmas creep” means you’ll see sales starting even earlier this year!

All of which is to say that you’ll want to gear up for holiday sales ASAP, if you haven’t already.

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The Best Writing Tips/Advice Ever!

One of the Facebook groups I belong to asked members to comment on the best writing advice they ever received. I want to share these tips with you. 🙂 To free write or journal often to help discover and hone my voice. Block off time to write and write something every day, even when you … Continue reading The Best Writing Tips/Advice Ever!

Divided States of America

Kevin A. Ranson :

No matter who wins when the final count is presented, a number of things have become very clear.

There are too many folks who prefer a deadly pandemic over affordable health care.

There are too many folks who accept a nepotistic dictatorship over democracy.

Too many folks are okay with persecuting immigrants in a country made up of them.

Too many folks signed off on giving a failed businessman four more years to soak the taxpayers electing him for millions more of their dollars to cover debt transferred to his personal properties as profit, all while still dodging thousands of waiting lawsuits and paying nothing in taxes himself.

It couldn’t all be voter suppression, voter intimidation, conspiracy theories, or a lack of participation. Too many folks chose to cast their vote for someone who helps no one but himself and the richest Americans.

Either Kool-Aid truly has a “snake oil”…

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NaNoWriMo 2020 is Here!

Juggling virtual learning for my little ones, teaching full-time, and trying to meet writing goals and deadlines has me . . . PERPETUALLY BUSY. Good thing my OCD kicked in a couple of months ago and I have become the "chancellor" of my own mini-school. 🙂 I even have a treasure box to make sure … Continue reading NaNoWriMo 2020 is Here!

A beloved Jamaican beach is succumbing to climate change. It won’t be the last

Months ago, I helped one of my nieces write a short story with this beach at its center. We called it “Heaven and Hellshire Beach”. 🙂

Repeating Islands

Climate change is eroding beaches all over the Caribbean – even though the region contributes a tiny fraction of the emissions heating the planet

A report by Christopher Serju for London’s Guardian.

Sunbathing mothers keep an anxious eye out for children enjoying horseback rides, as groups of young men engage in energetic games of beach football and cricket. Further along, a boombox blasts as the smell of fresh fish wafts across the shoreline.

For years, this was the scene at the Hellshire Beach in Portmore, St Catherine, on a public holiday or weekend when Jamaicans and visitors alike would flock to one of the island’s most popular beaches. Today, however, parents no longer bring their children. The horses, along with most of the beachline, have long disappeared and the few visitors who come to Aunt Merl’s or Prendy’s on the Beach – two of the few remaining seafood…

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