JuNoWriMo 2020 Day 6

Coming up with chapter titles is something I always look forward to. Unfortunately, they don't always come so easily. So, instead of wasting time and thinking of one, I just continued writing the chapter and decided that backtracking and naming the title afterwards is fine, too. I have three more unnamed chapters to go. 🙂 … Continue reading JuNoWriMo 2020 Day 6

2019 Year-End Reflection — New Year, New Decade.

Good-Bye 2019! Hello 2020 where hindsight isn't always clear.

Hyperphantasia or Aphantasia: How Much Does Your Mind’s Eye See?

Hyperphantasia is the ability for an individual to create highly graphic images in his or her mind's eye. In other words, some could call it the conjurings or machinations of an "overactive imagination". Alexander Brennan, the main character in my middle grade novel, MOONSTRUCK, has an overactive imagination. I didn't know there was a "scientifically" … Continue reading Hyperphantasia or Aphantasia: How Much Does Your Mind’s Eye See?

Moonstruck, Book 1 Gets a 5-Star Review!

Thank  you, Kwadzana for your review that validated my job as a writer -- to entertain you! May you dream beautiful dreams and control your nightmares! Readers of this blog, if you've read any of my books please consider posting  positive reviews on Amazon or Goodreads for them. Why? Because writing and posting reviews does … Continue reading Moonstruck, Book 1 Gets a 5-Star Review!

Thank You Recent Moonstruck Purchasers!

My first middle-grade fiction novel was released about 10 days ago! 🙂 So far, I've had two purchases! 🙂 🙂 Whoever you are, I thank you much! I'd be honored if you wrote a review. On Monday, my proof copy arrived and I'm looking forward to writing the second book of the series, "Moondust". Much … Continue reading Thank You Recent Moonstruck Purchasers!