How to Get More Followers on Your Social Media Sites

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Joining Goodreads, Twitter, Google+, Facebook or Pinterest is only the first step in creating a community platform. To make these sites working for you is only possible if you have lots of followers, friends or people in your Google+ circles.

Don’t be a Tweep with a pathetic following of less than 100 people. And don’t sign up with only one or two Social Media sites. Take advantage of the great possibilities of sharing among all these sites. It is almost the same “work” if you are on one site, compared to having a presence on six or eight sites through the help of plug-ins and sharing buttons, as outlined in former blog posts.  So can visitors on your Goodreads page click on the Google+ or the Facebook icon and send a message about you and your book to thousands of their followers. Google+ then sends the…

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Fleshing Out Your Characters

When I reflect on my favorite characters (those I've created and those I've read from other authors) they seem so real to me. I remember them. I long to read their next adventure and often wait impatiently for that next juicy book to hit bookstores or library shelves. I've met twisted characters. Characters who weren't … Continue reading Fleshing Out Your Characters

Flash Fiction Fridays. KABOOM!

Flash Fiction is a type of story with extreme brevity -- no more than 1000 words. I invite you to study this photograph, write a 1000 word story (or less -- at least 100) to go along with it or inspired by it. Have fun and happy writing!  I look forward to reading some fabulous … Continue reading Flash Fiction Fridays. KABOOM!

Priceless Lessons From Rejection

So, I've been wondering what it would be like to write incredibly short stories and how it could possibly help me to become a better writer. And believe it or not, rejection, which is often perceived as a negative thing has been one of the best events that has happened to me as a writer. … Continue reading Priceless Lessons From Rejection

Drafts, Revisions, and Plans, Oh MY!

Plans, plans, plans. Thou shalt not procrastinate. BIC (Butt In Chair) Monique. 🙂

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I finished the first draft of a novel I have been working on the first part of the year. While it is very rough and in need of a great deal of work, it is time to put it aside for a while. I am not sure what my overall goals for this novel are, but at least I have completed the initial draft. So, I need to continue with the overall writing plan I put in place a while ago, one which I was not sure I would be able to maintain. So far, I have done it.


This writing plan is to draft, as first drafts, two books per year. In addition to the drafting, I am also constantly working on revising previous books. I focus on one at a time, or at least I try to. My writing time is divided into drafting first, and then I…

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Katiebird reviews YA heroines

🙂 Great research tool for writing Book Two in the Gabriel Lennox Series: Bloodlines (working title).

Bookish Temptations

I will always be grateful for the YA genre because if I hadn’t read the Twilight series all those years ago, I wouldn’t be reading like I do now. Nor would I have made the friends and connections I have now. There may be people out there who shy away from reading YA books or feel like it’s inappropriate for them. My thought is that just because the main characters in the book are younger doesn’t mean that I can’t relate to them or understand their perspective.

If an author writes a great story, I am in no matter what the age of the characters. I recently read two amazing books that are from the YA genre. The heroines in these books are unique and really stood out for me. I could totally relate to them because they were strong, curious, and intelligent.

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You Might Be a Writer If . . . (Presented by My Little Pony’s Pinkie Pie)

You Might Be a Writer If (presented by ‪#‎MyLittlePonyFansForever‬ Pinkie Pie). . . . . . when someone ask you what your latest story is about, you're often not sure how to respond . . . or you respond with a one minute professional prepared pitch (which you've rehearsed in the bathroom mirror every morning … Continue reading You Might Be a Writer If . . . (Presented by My Little Pony’s Pinkie Pie)

Desperately Seeking Answers

Warning: Despite this blog post’s length, it doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the rampant increase of police brutality and blatant racism that is spreading not only all over the United States of America, but also the rest of our precious world. So, make yourself a cup of tea. Pop some popcorn. It's … Continue reading Desperately Seeking Answers