Views from (Almost) All Around the World!

Wordpress 2020_Views from Around the World

Hello there. How are you? I’m great! Thank you so much for asking. 😉

For a growing blog like mine, I think it’s an incredibly big and sweet deal when you see visitors from countries other than your own stopping by. 🙂

Heck, even an audience of one is better than one, yes?

So, this is a quick post to say “hello” in your official languages!

Hallo – German

Hello/Bonjour – English/French

Merhaba – Turkish

Hello – English

Moi/Hej- Finnish

Вітаю – Ukrainian

Привет – Russian

Hej – Danish

Sawubona/Molo/Hallo/Hello -Zulu/Xhosa/Afrikaan/English

According to sites like Expatica, the World Atlas, and South Africa Tours and Travel, there are eleven official languages in the country, which makes it the second-largest number of constitutionally recognized languages (second to Bolivia and India)! Wow! Whoa! I didn’t know that. So cool!

Pssst. If Google or Bing steered me wrong, please let me know in the comments! 



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