Character TakeOver: Meet Lucien Dieuamour!

Thanks to talented, bubbly, and fantastic author, Lakisha Spletzer-Garcia (, I received excellent advice on how to monopolize my time (being a single mommy of two is tough), continue writing for pleasure and fattening up the post on this severely anorexic excuse of a blog! So, I'll be entertaining myself and hopefully readers with Character … Continue reading Character TakeOver: Meet Lucien Dieuamour!

What makes you want to turn the page?

For years I've loved reading children's books, young adult books, and especially Middle Grade fiction, even though I am well past these age groups.  It's no wonder that I enjoy working with children, but I am far from an expert in writing these genres.  A couple of years ago, a friend of mine asked me … Continue reading What makes you want to turn the page?