Why Adara Trosclair?

C'est Moi Dimension Uchronie 2019
Yours Truly holding a copy of Dimension Uchronie 3 published by Rivière Blanche, edited by Bertrand Campeis & Hermine Hémon.

Adara Trosclair (adaratrosclair) is the name of a fantasy character of an alternate universe that I created. I hope to breathe life into her by sharing her with the rest of the world in her first book, “Prelude to Morning”, a YA fantasy novel that takes place in a dystopian society. I had considered self-publishing the book, and have decided to seek out traditional publishing also.

I’m the author of two published novels, “Moonstruck: Book One of Waking Dream Series” and “Forbidden: Book One of the Gabriel Lennox Series”.

You can learn more about my other published work by clicking here.

Monique L. Desir was born and raised in Florida. She’s a full-time reading teacher who hasn’t quite figured out how to escape the Sunshine State and is surviving and thriving within its alligator-infested clutches with her husband and three sons. The daughter of West Indian parents (Haitian father, Jamaican mother), she loves learning about different cultures, languages and people. She binge-watches forensic television shows and Soca dances until she glows. Why? So she can have seconds on cake, of course! Her stories have been published in FIYAH Literary Magazine, Nightlight Podcast, Colorism Essays and Poems, Volume 2, and Rivière Blanche’s 2019 Dimension Uchronie short story anthology. Find her on Twitter @moniquedesir. Like and follow her Facebook Page here.

Random Stuff About Me

(I’m a lifelong learner and altogether curious lady, so of course this is a growing list). 🙂

Reformed technophobe: (computers and cell phones have mysteriously fallen ill or died in my presence).

I’m the middle child and first daughter.

I have a malnourished YouTube channel that needs attention . . . lol. You can find it here.

I’ve traveled to Japan as a Clearwater-Nagano Sister Cities Ambassador and chaperone.

I love garlic, roses, and silver. In a former life, I was probably a vampire hunter.

Anime Lover

Sang opera in high school (Soprano One)

Owner of Giant Pens and tiny porcelain teacups

Introvert-leaning Ambivert




Video Game Snob



Cat Lover


Poetry Dabbler


5 thoughts on “About

  1. I just wanted to let you know that I administer a small writer’s group for Horror writers, but we also accept dark fantasy writers who would be interested… check us out at https://grmhwapa.wordpress.com/ … we submit work regularly (3 submissions per year, read 3 per year), and our mission is to help each other write better and share publishing experience…If we fit your needs just follow the instructions to join!

    1. That sounds fabulous! I will look into it. I’m an elementary school teacher and the workload is often quite heavy and all-consuming. But, I write because it pleases me. So, this group sounds like something that could be quite beneficial. 🙂 Thank you for sharing it with me. I will look into it.

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