Virtual Conventions 2020

In the past, I’ve attended a lot of conventions, but for whatever reason I didn’t write much about them on my blog.

Anyway, due to COVID-19’s global impact, a lot of online conventions have been popping up around the world.

Invited by A.M. Justice (thank you!) and launched by Virginia McClain (thank you!), I’m pleased that I had the opportunity to get my geek on last weekend.

Here are the Pros and Cons (clearly not an exhaustive list) of attending a virtual convention:

Virtual Conference ProsVirtual Conference Cons

Overall, it remains clear to me that the sometimes intimate and social interactions at a regular convention are precious and priceless; however, this fantastic group of authors, editors, readers, creators that I was able to participate during this time were able to make the best out of this situation. 🙂 There are some panels that I’m so looking forward to watching because due to time issues I was unable to watch the first time . . . and the great thing about this is that they’re still living and breathing on YouTube. So, at my leisure and with a cup of tea, I will click and view.

Below you will find QuaranCon images and links.

QuaranCon2020_Editing Panel
Watch the video here, where I play the part of the Disembodied Voice — lol. Technical Difficulties, folks.

QuaranCon_Panelist Bios

QuaranCon2020_OWN Voices vs Cultural Adaptation
Click here to watch. 🙂

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