2020 Year-End Reflection – En garde, Indeed.

Trigger Warning: depression, death, dying, etc. Have you ever wanted to hype yourself with positive, sunshiny cheery vibes only for reality to show up, snatch that silver lining, and smack you upside the head so bad before dragon punching the honeyed taste of optimism out of your mouth, leaving you bloodied, battered, and oh-so effing … Continue reading 2020 Year-End Reflection – En garde, Indeed.

Happy New Year 2020, Indeed!

Wow, wow! Incredible. We're already fifteen days into this new year and decade. 🙂 Yeah yeah, time is indeed relative, but I feel like the days are just gliding by! In between working and other responsibilities, I finally had the pleasure to sit down and organize a little something I call my Writer's Binder. I … Continue reading Happy New Year 2020, Indeed!