I’m More Grateful Than I Seem

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The Long and Short Stories of Life


Some of you have been on this blogging journey with me for a long while and you will recognize this post from a couple of Thanksgiving’s ago. Since THE DAILY POST prompt today is GRATITUDE, I thought I’d dust this one off and present it again. Thank you for your kind indulgence.

If I don’t appear to live a grateful life, it’s because I’m busy! So busy that I often wonder how I could’ve had time to work a 9 to 5. Most mornings when I rise, I place my feet on the floor and walk to the bathroom never once doubting that I amsupposed to be Alive! I’m not ungrateful, it’s just something I take for granted.

I know people who wouldn’t dare get out of bedwithout thanking God, reading a few pages from their devotionals, and meditating. Not me. I’m deep in thought, mentally preparing for…

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Staying out of Twitter jail – a guide for bloggers and authors

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Dark Dates

Book bloggers are, in my opinion, some of the most generous people you could come across – selfless not only in promoting authors, but also in supporting one another. But, as this often comes in the form of sharing one another’s posts / reviews on Twitter, this can cause problems: the notorious ‘Twitter jail’, or ‘shadow ban’, where your tweets are hidden because you post too many links.

Now, I am not sure I understand the logistics of this, and it’s easy to argue against the unfairness – Twitter is, after all, a place where Nazis run free, so you’d think a few blog links would hardly be cause for outrage – but given that seems to be happening, how can you avoid it? How can you still use Twitter to share the content you want to, without falling foul of the site’s often vague and nebulous rules?

Understand the…

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Introverted Socializing (Damn It, I’ve Joined The Matrix)

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Eye of the Writer

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings, and happy Thursday my acidic authors of audacious adventures, (#SayThat5TimesFast #DidYouDoIt? “HAHAHAHA!!!!” #MadeYouTalkToYourself), how the hell are ya?

In any case (O.J. or otherwise) I’m glad to have you here (and unarmed) for another roundabout convo with Uncle Keyboard and His Caffeinated Digits.  Today, I have somewhat of a P.S.A. That’s right, some somber news, that’s fit to print–but oh…HOW I LOATHE THE LOSS!!!!

That’s right kids. They got me!

*drops to knees* 

*shakes fist at satellites*

“Damn you! God, DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!!!”

*rips open shirt*


Yep, it’s true. After years of avoiding the madness that is the #DirtyBlueBirdy, I’ve finally been caught by the tepid grasp of influence and power. SHUNNED FROM THE DARKNESS OF SECRETS AND PRIVACY! CAST OUT INTO THE STORM OF PUBLIC OVERVIEW!!!!

*drops to knees again*

*punches ground*


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How Million Yen Women Inspired My Revised Author Wish List!

On Twitter, I discovered this hashtag: #MSWL. For those of you who don't know, it stands for Manuscript Wish List. There's even a website dedicated to this where agents and editors can share with writers what kind of manuscripts they specifically want in their inboxes! Groovy, baby. Just groovy. As a writer, I've always had … Continue reading How Million Yen Women Inspired My Revised Author Wish List!

The Virtual Fantasy Con Is October 15-21

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AM Justice

From October 15-21, 2017, I will be participating in the Virtual Fantasy Con, a Facebook event involving over 100 fantasy authors, bloggers, podcasters, artists, and other magicians. My booth will be open for business 24-7 during that time, with a contest for a grand prize that includes some free books and a $25 Amazon gift certificate. The Con is running its own contests, including a Truth or Lie competition that runs across the all the virtual booths of all the authors.

I’m inviting friends old and new to come hang out with me in the booth, so come on by and learn about them and the work they’re doing. The list is still growing, but here’s the schedule so far (all times Eastern US):

Sunday, October 15, 12-1 pm. Graeme Ing

Graeme is the author of Ocean of Dust, a YA fantasy that sails through a–you guessed it–sea…

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The Marathon of Novel-Writing

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A Writer's Path

by Jennifer Kelland Perry

Nearly five years ago, I posted an entry to my blog about how I had recently begun writing a novel. How excited I was to tell you of my ambition! And how I’d loved and appreciated the likes and the supportive, enthusiastic comments that little post generated!

Little did I know, then, what lay ahead.

Since the inception of that creative project, my first full-length novel, my path has had a few twists, turns and bumps. One of the biggest and most significant was undoubtedly when I decided, after conceiving a plot, creating the characters and developing an outline, to give up on it.


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128 Submissions, 93 Rejections, 1st Publication

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Arsenal of Words

Today, my submissions journey reaches the next step! I started submitting stories to contests and literary journals over two years ago, founded a critique group, curated a submissions calendar, and wrote contest roundups for Writer Unboxed. But this week and with this email, I achieved my next goal:

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Chapter Book Critique from New York Times Bestselling Author Lin Oliver

REBLOGGED: Writers of middle grade fiction and the like, want to support a wonderful cause and have your work critiqued by a New York Times best-selling author? Join in. The highest bid at this time is $130. Wish I could participate, but . . . 😦


Author Lin Oliver is offering a critique of a chapter book, either a stand alone or a series proposal. She has published over 40 books in that genre, including Here’s Hank and The Fantastic Frame series. She will give a written critique with line notes.

Lin Oliver_HeadshotLin Oliver is a prolific children’s book author. With Henry Winkler, she writes the New York Times best-selling book series Hank Zipzer: World’s Best Underachiever, which has sold over 4 million copies. Their chapter book series Here’s Hank is also a New York Times best-seller. Her two collections of poetry, both illustrated by Tomie de Paola, are the highly praised Little Poems for Tiny Ears and the newly released Steppin’Out: Jaunty Rhymes for Playful Times. Her newest work is a chapter book series, The Fantastic Frame,five illustrated adventures set in the world’s great paintings. Lin is the co-founder and Executive Director of SCBWI, a…

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