Monique L. Desir


Dimension Uchronie 3“Bondye Bon”, originally published in FIYAH Literary Magazine, translated from the original English into French and included in Riviere Blanche’s 2019 Dimension Uchronie short story anthology of ahistorical fiction. 

Fiyah Literary Magazine_Issue 5

“Bondye Bon”.” FIYAH Literary Magazine of Black Speculative Fiction, issue 5, 2018, pp. 13-24, which you can purchase here. And learn more about here:

  • Short story alternate history where the slave revolt of 1811 near New Orleans succeeds after a vodun priestess resurrects an undead army.

Forbidden Cover

Forbidden, Book One Gabriel Lennox Series. Ethereal Desires (Amazon), 2017.

  • An adult urban fantasy set in 19th century England involving vampires, fallen angels, and forbidden bonds.

Nightlight Pod Image“Hide Your Love Away.” * Read and listen. 2018

  • A horror flash fiction psycho love story-gone-wrong-poem mashup.

Moonstruck Cover

Moonstruck. Ethereal Desires (Amazon), 2017. Book One of the Waking Dream Series

  • A middle grade dark fantasy about a boy who controls his dreams and holds the his family’s fate in his hands.

Colorism Essays and Poems, Volume 2“Souls Within.”*

  • The story of a little Black girl (told in prose) born with albinism who challenges her peers to see her beyond her features. The anthology that my story appears in can be found here. 2018