CreateSpace to KDP: The Aftermath – by Jami Gold…

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For many years, independent and self-published authors often turned to CreateSpace and its print-on-demand capabilities to offer paperback versions of their books. However, late last summer, Amazon announced that CreateSpace was going away and being merged with KDP (Kindle Digital Publishing).

Authors with books in CreateSpace were told to migrate their books over to KDP when prompted. Several blog posts recommended that authors try to move their books as soon as possible to avoid problems and/or get any problems fixed before the crush of KDP’s efforts to migrate the remainder.

Or not… Once KDP announced that any books not proactively migrated prior to their deadline would be moved automatically and remain live the whole time, some of us didn’t bother doing the work before the deadline. *raises hand*

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A Disaster Strikes Cuba

WHOA! This is crazy! 😦 Poor people of Cuba! 😦

The Harbinger

By Jaylyn Gonzalez

In the hours between seven and eight Sunday evening, various storm warnings were issued throughout South Florida. However, at the last second, the storm took a turn to Cuba, developing into a tornado that left the already fragile capital, Havana, in shambles.

The unexpected and monstrous tornado ripped through the Cuban streets; Vehicles and pieces of houses were crushed by falling debris and thrown around like toy cars as it tore through Havana neighborhoods.

The storm lasted throughout late Sunday and early Monday, causing a blackout that hit many areas at around 9 p.m Sunday.

According to information published by local media outlet Cubanet, the affected neighborhoods include Santo Suárez, Luyanó, Vía Blanca, Regla and Chibás. But, the neighborhood of Regla appeared to have suffered some of the worst damage.

During the storm, residents of the Cuban capital said that the tornado sounded like a “jet…

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Boricua Jazz Pioneer, Rafael Escudero

Repeating Islands

jazz.21b5.pngHere is an interesting piece by Tomás Peña. The article is part of the PR Project; it was first published in Now, it is also available through Centro Voices magazine. Here are a few excerpts with links to the sources below:

Among the first Boricuas to receive recognition in early jazz was Rafael Escudero. He was born in 1891 and well known in American jazz circles. Today Escudero is mostly forgotten. But this native of Manatí, Puerto Rico was an outstanding tubist and bassist and a link between the growing number of jazz bands and other orchestras in Washington, DC, New York and Puerto Rico.

Escudero was unique in that his departure for the United States predates World War I and the Jones Act (1917). At 21, he boarded the steamer Caracas in the port of San Juan and arrived in New York on June 13, 1912. An accomplished tuba…

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Hating on Fairy Tales: A Not-So-Serious Take on a Ridiculous Article

I thoroughly enjoyed this. Lovely! #NoSatireHere

the orang-utan librarian

As much as I’d like to pretend that people don’t write pieces titled: “Five Reasons to Stop Reading Your Children Fairy Tales Now” this is a genuine title of a genuine article. I came across this gem while I was researching for my last piece and being a monkey I just couldn’t resist having my way with it. Rather than deconstructing all their ridiculous claims, I thought it would be far more fun to mock it *ahem* rewrite this piece for them in as honest a way as possible 😉 So *WARNING: INCOMING SATIRE and ALL THE SARCASM*. (If you’re looking for serious reasons I don’t agree with the article, maybe check out yesterday’s post 😉 ) Okay, with that out of the way, I’m heading each paragraph with their reasons to stop reading fairy tales and then I’m gonna respond- brace yourselves! 

monkey typewriterLet’s get down to some…

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How Fish Eggs are Like Fiction

A Writer's Path

by Richard Risemberg

After a long, dry spell, I suddenly began placing stories in small-press magazines this year, even some that paid in cash! Since last winter, I have “sold” – sometimes for pay, sometimes compensated only in honor – I have sold six stories to five magazines.

It all started by accident, but the sort of accident that fate contrives when you help it along.

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Motivation Monday Quotes

Writing a chapter a day keeps the voices at bay. -Yours Truly/Ou vrèman Writers often joke about how their characters talk to them, threaten them, plead with them to spend time with them and write, write, write. I especially appreciate what George R.R. Martin has to say about the strange and intimate relationship between writers … Continue reading Motivation Monday Quotes