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Quotes to Write By – Day 5

The following review is from one of my readers. It’s a fabulous feeling when someone other than your family has read and reviewed one of your books — especially if you’re an Indie author.

Amazon Review

I love reading and lately I’ve come across of books that aren’t traditionally published. Some are of the highest quality. Some of them are your average read-and-donate-to-public-library. And some are disappointments that I’ll discuss in the near future on my author page.

Now, back to that 5-star review. The reader loved how the ending was not only complete, but that I left a “world of possibilities” for the main character, Alexander to explore in the next book. I gave no unfair and teasing cliffhangers here, folks. My love is that real. 🙂

And at last, the quote for today:

Quote #5

“The ending has to fit. The ending has to matter, and make sense. I could care less about whether it’s happy or sad or atomic. The ending is the place where you go, “Aha. Of course. That’s right.”

Carrie Jones


Moonstruck, Book 1 Gets a 5-Star Review!


Thank  you, Kwadzana for your review that validated my job as a writer — to entertain you! May you dream beautiful dreams and control your nightmares!

Readers of this blog, if you’ve read any of my books please consider posting  positive reviews on Amazon or Goodreads for them. Why?

Because writing and posting reviews does miraculous work by helping out with boosting my visibility in the Cave of Obscurity (Amazon, Goodreads, the whole darn, bloody Internet). Reviews do indeed take a few moments of your precious time and they’re so vital to the exposure of authors — especially your dear, friendly neighborhood author (c’est moi — that’s me!).

Once again, thank you, Kwadzana!

Get Moonstruck, Book One of Waking Dream Series here.

Get Forbidden, Book One of Gabriel Lennox Series here. And right now this adult e-book title is FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Fabulous! 🙂



Book Review for Camela Thompson’s Blood, Spirit, and Bone

Book Review for Camela Thompson’s Blood, Spirit, and Bone

Abandon all hope of suspense, ye who read on, for there shall be . . . major SPOILERS!

Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert! Bee-doh! Bee-doh! Beeee-doh!

Oui, oui, spoilers broken down into troi parts, as charmingly broken as my French.

The Good:

The characters (especially the main character) are true to form and though they change, the changes that take place are both logical and reasonable. The dialogue and internal monologues of the characters are precise, concise (to the point – pun intended), and the descriptions are vivid and “juuust oh so right”.

The Bad:

Sean dies. Yup, he sure does. However, it is a noble death. I felt a tiny twinge of guilt when he died, which is saying much because . . . I DIDN’T like him! And yet, I grew to respect him and that is why Camela did a marvelous job at creating her characters. Even though I didn’t like Sean, I developed an understanding of who and what he is. And I grieved his death, if not because it was sad, but because he’s leaving behind his wife and children (who will need a lot of help and protection – boy, that was a creepy ending!). When writers can make you feel for a character that you don’t like and try so hard not to like – that takes bloody skill! Bravo!

The Ugly:

Oh my, my my. The descriptions of Sean’s transformation and the repulsive things I thought he was doing (cannibalism of corpses) – until I learned more. The detailed descriptions of indigestion, the vomiting, the carefully planned and written descriptions of rotting, dead flesh! My Glob – I could practically smell it wafting from the literary atmosphere, past my psyche, and assaulting my senses with a vicious beating! And that was the point: it was meant to be ugly, gruesome, and disgusting. Bravo, Bravo.

The Fabulous:

I look forward to reading the next book in the series. Presently, I don’t like Lucian at the moment, due to how he treats Josette (who I actually like – couldn’t stand the little poppet in the first book, but the more I learn of her, the more I respect her struggle as a vampire). And yet, perhaps Lucian will grow on me, too. My own spoiler: I blame this anger towards literary men on “preggers” hormones. J So, once the book is written and I’m no longer flooded with a concoction of Dragon Lady a la Expecting, this may change . . .or I’ll most likely grow to love him too because Camela is just that fabulous.

Goodreads One Star Junkie

Yes, I sometimes watch and sing along to Jem and the Holograms on Youtube.
Yes, I sometimes selfishly eat cookies while watching Netflix late at night while the rest of my family sleeps.
Yes, I often dance in the car to Japanese pop rock or Reggaeton (red lights mostly).

In high school, my music instructor, Mr. K. would often wax philosophical about humanity and its love affair with what he called “the Killer Instinct” (no, not the videogame fellow geeks and nerds, but that opening music is deliciously sweet (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2w85y-N8lKw), but I digress, (as usual).

Mr. K. often lamented about how traffic became worse because people often slowed way down in order to look at the aftermath of carnage, perhaps a bloody lost limb (like in the movies) a body being slipped into a black bag of death. I, on the other hand, made it my habit to keep driving and carry on (while whispering a little prayer of thanks that I’m still alive)!
To this day, when I see the flashing sapphire and ruby lights of emergency vehicles, I make it my business to mind my own business and clutch the steering wheel tight and drive on – straight ahead! For some reason, I cling to the idea that this makes me contrary to what most people do – wanting to see the carnage and bloodshed of other humans like voyeurs desensitized to violence and horror. I’m most likely wrong about myself, but hey, this is how I operate. 🙂 I’ve got to be unique!
However, I do have another shameful confession besides the three I mentioned earlier. I am a self-dubbed, Good Reads One Star Junkie. Like moths drawn to fire, like people drawn to slow down and stare at accident sites, like sharks drawn to the scent of blood, like cockroaches drawn to whatever they’re drawn to (you get the picture) I am drawn to the one star reviews of “popular” books. But not just any books. No, no, no.
I’m talking about the crème de la crème of the literary world! The beautiful ink and paper offspring of New York Times Bestsellers! And not just any one star reviews either. I like mine full-bodied and bold, like a perfect glass of wine that leaves a strong taste long after I have done reading the review. I go weak in the knees at reviews that support their disgust and utter hatred for these books with mini-novella rants that could be described as blasphemous for going against the status quo. I adore the readers/reviewers who eviscerate a book and bare the guts and entrails for all to see! I even forego watching Netflix, in order to curl up with my laptop, a box of chocolate chip cookies (sometimes potato chips) and read each review, relishing or gasping at each and every word.
Reading these has become a guilty pleasure, a delicious obsession that I cannot break. And the strange thing about it is that reading them MOTIVATES me to write. Ironically, one would think that reading such brutal, visceral reactions from readers who can be downright merciless in their diatribes would discourage a not yet published writer (save for poems and short stories – sigh), but non, non! I find their sore displeasure not only invigorating, but inviting me to produce something better!
My favorite Goodreads reviewer and exceptionally brilliant writer, who sometimes gives one stars (and for wonderful, well supported reasons) is Kira (named after the driving and intelligent protagonist of Ohba’s Death Note). While eating cookies or taking a potato chip (and eating it) I have to read her juicy tidbits as she whips open a can of whoop-ass on very successful writers who dared to NOT live up to their name and alleged talent. She often starts out with beautiful anecdotes about her daily life, history, or with a dry and direct opinion about the book. I do also read book reviews she highly favors, but, alas, doing so is just not as enjoyable.
To sample one of Kira’s best work, click here: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/154595401?book_show_action=true&page=1
So, be honest, are you a Goodreads One Star Junkie, too? Comments and confessions are always welcome. 🙂