The Best Writing Tips/Advice Ever!

One of the Facebook groups I belong to asked members to comment on the best writing advice they ever received. I want to share these tips with you. 🙂

  1. To free write or journal often to help discover and hone my voice.
  2. Block off time to write and write something every day, even when you don’t feel like it.
  3. Make writing a priority. It’s not selfish to write. After all, you’re a writer, right?
  4. Don’t feel guilty at all. Enjoy the time off for an hour or two a day. It’s worth it.
  5. Don’t start with an empty page. Always try to work in an existing document or scribble some nonsense in the notebook first. This takes away the stigma of intimidation and staring at a blank page.
  6. When you are starting off, ignore mistakes and errors. Don’t worry about the grammar or punctuation until you are finished hashing out all your thoughts.
  7. Avoid distractions! If you’re at home with family members, hiding out in another room. Listening to music with headphones on works for me.
  8. Don’t just write. LEARN everything there is to know about your craft. Don’t just polish your voice, polish your skill.
  9. Plan your publishing details before writing.
  10. Write every day…even if it’s one sentence… keep writing! One is better than none.
  11. Every gift is different. Stop comparing work. What God gave you, no one else has. Believe in your story no matter what it is.
  12. Just write. Don’t care how the first draft sounds. Write for you first and THEN go back and edit the book.
  13. Not everyone is going to like your writing. Focus on those who do.

2 thoughts on “The Best Writing Tips/Advice Ever!

  1. Number six is really crucial when you are first starting out with the habit of writing. Creating a space to let ideas flow without stressing or stopping to edit every second is a good way to keep the momentum going.

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