You Can’t Write That.

You Can’t Write That. Oh really? Just watch. 🙂 The title of this blog post comes from a very tender spot in my life as an author and a Black woman growing up in the USA. Several years ago, I dated a close-minded individual (Who Shall Remain Nameless) told me that I couldn’t write my … Continue reading You Can’t Write That.

Behind The Name

adaratrosclair  - What the heck is that? Huh? I don’t know where to even begin in pronouncing that! Is it two words? One? So, a fellow writer and close friend of mine recommended that I change the name of my blog. I was a little sad and mildly offended because I had thought it was … Continue reading Behind The Name

Read Prologue Teaser for “Prelude to Morning” YA dystopian fantasy

She wasn’t normally this miserable. Or this desperate.  Twenty more minutes of waiting and she would have to do the unthinkable.  Elise emptied the dirty, soapy water down a drain in the tavern’s kitchen floor.  Disposing of the water like that in her uncle’s presence would have earned her a slap across the face.  He … Continue reading Read Prologue Teaser for “Prelude to Morning” YA dystopian fantasy

Character Takeover: Meet Adara Trosclair!

     Well, first of all, I’ve got to say that your world is just as messed up as mine. While skimming the headlines on my creators computer screen, I just had to shake my head in disbelief, disgust, and dismay. Downed planes shot right of the sky? Terrorists abducting women and children? Wow. Whoa. No … Continue reading Character Takeover: Meet Adara Trosclair!

Character TakeOver: Meet Lucien Dieuamour!

Thanks to talented, bubbly, and fantastic author, Lakisha Spletzer-Garcia (, I received excellent advice on how to monopolize my time (being a single mommy of two is tough), continue writing for pleasure and fattening up the post on this severely anorexic excuse of a blog! So, I'll be entertaining myself and hopefully readers with Character … Continue reading Character TakeOver: Meet Lucien Dieuamour!