Character TakeOver: Meet Lucien Dieuamour!

Thanks to talented, bubbly, and fantastic author, Lakisha Spletzer-Garcia (, I received excellent advice on how to monopolize my time (being a single mommy of two is tough), continue writing for pleasure and fattening up the post on this severely anorexic excuse of a blog! So, I’ll be entertaining myself and hopefully readers with Character Takeovers, introducing and featuring the main characters of my dark fantasy (you could call it dystopian), Prelude to Morning. The idea for the novel came a long time ago after I read a book, which discussed a lot of crazy things happening to our planet — global warming, overpopulation, genocide. I muttered to myself, “My God, we’re destroying ourselves — what a great book idea!” Now, I say that in a mildly sarcastic tone because even though I do believe that we  humans are doing a heck of a job destroying ourselves and I do take this serious matter quite seriously, I just had to tone down the horror of it by populating an alternate universe with characters I made up.

In future post, I will discuss more about world building (thanks to my older brother, Serge, for helping me with that. I also want to thank Elenora Sabin ( For many years, both of these beautiful individuals have supported me as a writer, by telling me not give up and to write even when it hurts, and so much more. (Wipes tear). I also have to give them a great deal of gratitude for reading my very rough and coarse drafts. Very, very rough, rough drafts. The poor dears. I’m surprised and delighted that their heads did not explode from all the pain my pathetic little darling must have caused their minds. Anywho, and not just any who . . . I introduce Lucien, one of the two main characters of the first book in the Prelude to Morning series.

Greeting all readers, young and old, rich or poor, girl or boy, and all the rest. Reath, the world I come from is a mildly different than yours. In this post via my wonderful creator, Monique Desir, I will discuss some of those differences.
Reath – an amalgam for the word, Earth – is a world ruled by hundreds of petty gods vying for power and the attention of mortals. Their favorite way of gaining attention is through fear and intimidation. Their favorite recreational activity is the shedding of human blood. The more innocent the sacrifice– the more they drool and “get their jollies”. These many, many gods are not called bloodthirsty for nothing and for a millennia, they have utterly obliterated many races of people with the cooperation of the humans who mindlessly worship them.
And how I loathe each and every one of these gods with my very being.
You see, in your world, you have people that classify themselves based on whether or not they believe in gods, goddesses, or not. People can be agnostic, atheistic, polytheistic, and even monotheistic.
Agnostic – one who believes that it is impossible to know whether there is a God. (Ah, the delicious skeptics).
Atheist—one who disbelieves or denies the existence of God or gods. (If I existed in your world, I could fit under this neat, little category . . .)
Polytheist— one who believes in or worships more than one god. (Mostly all of the inhabitants of Reath fit in this category).
Monotheist – one who believes in the existence of one god. (Ah, my sweet Adara Trosclair. Bless her, bless her.)
Now, I had said that if I existed in your world I could fit into the atheistic category – that was until I stumbled upon this jewel of a word: maltheist. A maltheist is the belief that the gods exist as cruel, arrogant, abusive, and untruthful beings who are not worthy of worship. Yes, that describes me in a nutshell. I despise the gods and if it were possible, I would destroy them one by one. But, alas, I am but a mere mortal – a human of flesh and blood. To try to war against the gods would be laughable. But in my world and in your world, there are stories of men becoming gods. And that is what I intend to do in my world. If becoming one of them is what it takes to bring order and balance to the world . . . in the words of my sweetheart, Adara, “so be it”.
Now, I know what you are thinking . . .or at least what you might be thinking.
You: Lucien, you’ll fail! After all, the gods are the ones who have the power and all of the control. There’s no way that you could win. Just give up before you even try!
Me: It is better for me to try and fail than to live in a world where I am better off dead. Where is the hurt in trying? Where lies the disappoint? I would gladly sacrifice my life trying to destroy those who destroy the earth and the keepers of it than continue to let these bloodthirsty monsters win. And if you dare to stand in my way with your naysaying, you are no better than those who keep you enslaved.
You: 0 points. Me: 1,000
Aftermath: I win the argument. Discussion over.
Please, no hard feelings. Eventually, if not now, you will see my point and that I am indeed right.
Now, for something funny and ironic. My surname is Dieuamour. It’s a combination of two words – French to be precise – dieu meaning God and amour meaning love. God love? Please, laugh. It really is rather funny.
Until another time, readers.


7 thoughts on “Character TakeOver: Meet Lucien Dieuamour!

  1. I am intrigued by the concept and by the character. I am looking forward to reading this book.

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