Behind The Name

adaratrosclair  – What the heck is that? Huh? I don’t know where to even begin in pronouncing that! Is it two words? One?

So, a fellow writer and close friend of mine recommended that I change the name of my blog. I was a little sad and mildly offended because I had thought it was clever. You know, using the name of my latest, greatest favorite character from my latest, most favorite series that I’m investing a lot of time in:

Adara Trosclair!

“But,” I replied in a small, weak voice, “the name of the blog is described in the About this Blog part of the blog. Duuuuh!”

“Doesn’t matter,” my sage of a friend countered. “Few people will click on that. Your blog name needs to be catchy and clear. Why don’t you just use YOUR name?”

Good question. Why didn’t I? I think I was holding out using my name for an author page or something. I was probably have a Brain Bubble, which is far worse and damaging than any Brain Fart. My real name Monique L. Desir reads like the seductive sounding nome de plume of an author of romance or erotica, so when I tell you that Brain Bubbles are more detrimental than Brain Farts trust me, dearie. Trust me.

But look at Adara Trosclair (Uh-dah-ruh Trahs clear). It’s like a sigh of wind through a meadow of fragrant flowers!

I mean, it’s a unique name. It’s vaguely French. It’s strong, like well-tempered steel. It’s mysterious.

In fact, it’s so mysterious that no one knows what the heck it is when it’s presented like this: adaratrosclair.


I’m disappointed in my ignorance regarding blog names and such. My eyes were finally opened one day when the author of a blog that I visit often replied to a message I had made using my blog. He’s an intelligent young man who referred to me as “Clair”, which is the last part of the blog’s full name. No Adara. No Trosclair anywhere in sight.

And it’s all MY FAULT!

Excuse Alert: There’s a Japanese song I love called “Kodomo Mitai Ni” (by Pizzicato Five) which translates to “Like a Kid” and like a kid full of excitement and impatient to wait another five minutes of research to create my blog, I used the name of my character in “Prelude to Morning”, not realizing that it could be quite confusing.

Well, now that I’ve had time to reflect on the error of my ways, I plowed ahead and found some tips on choosing a blog domain name.

According to Chris’ Catchy Blog Names post (, let’s see how I measured up:

When choosing a domain name there are some factors to consider:

  • How original and unique is it?
    • Me: It’s definitely unique
  • How descriptive is it?
    • Me: Hmm. Not very. It’s just a character’s name.
  • What image does it convey?
    • Me: Uh-uh. None for the reader . . . yet.
  • Would you remember it after seeing it once?
    • Me: Probably not . . .
  • Could you spell it after hearing it once?
    • Nope. Most likely not. Adara’s surname is French and French men like their vowels like they like their women . . . plenty and in close succession, but silent. (Oh hahaha! Joke . . .)

I tried to change the name of my blog, but was unsuccessful so I’m stuck with it. Instead of pouting and brooding I’m going to be proactive and make the best of my mistake! Usually, I can be quite pessimistic and I try to lean more often than not to the side of realism. But for the sake of my blog with a strange name that few could pronounce or even figure out BEFORE this post, I’m going to be optimistic!

By the end of this post, you’ll remember Adara’s name! You’ll say it with finesse. You’ll sing it in the shower. You’ll chant her name as you drive in your car to work!

Her name will become legend! Her name will become one of the top ten for baby girls! She’ll sit as a hero of epic proportions in your minds!

Now, hold on just a minute, Monique. Please. Stop. Please.

Oh, hi there, Adara.

I don’t want to be worshipped and I most certainly don’t want my name to be given to little baby girls just because it becomes some popular fad or trend. I just want to be me and people to be themselves.

That’s understandable and honorable.

Thanks. Why don’t you let me take over and I can talk about Earth Day.

Oh, I almost forgot about that. Excuse me and I’ll let you get to it.

Thank you. Well, so now you know more about the name behind this blog. I don’t know how I became one of Monique’s favorite characters because I’m one of her newest ones. Maybe it’s the novelty of it? I’m not sure, but I won’t argue her out of it either. Today is April 22nd and in your world your people celebrate Earth Day in many countries. This special day started I think in 1970 and it focuses on opening up people’s minds to taking better care of their precious planet by doing little things like not littering, recycling, and other more substantial things like using a compost heap in their gardens every day.

Most citizens of Earth believe that Earth Day should be every day because they only have one planet and they best take care of it, otherwise it’s the Moon or Mars. On my home planet, called Reath (an anagram of Earth) in an alternate dimension, hundreds of years ago Earth Day was each and every day. But this form of planet dedication wasn’t ushered in by humans.

Terrible, thirsty entities hibernating (or imprisoned?) beneath the earth, that called themselves gods rose up and taught us wonderful advancements in technology. Unfortunately, these gifts didn’t come without a price. They explained to us that our planet was dying and dying quickly. They also told us that we were to blame. They told us that they needed our blood and in order to save not only our planet and ourselves, we’d have to use the most precious form of natural resource:

Human blood.

That’s all I can say right now because Monique is giving me “The Don’t-You-Dare” look and I don’t want to anger her or give too much away. After all, it’s my story and I want the best for it.

I’ll leave you with this: love your neighbors, no matter what gender or color they are; love your planet, love each other. And yes, every day should be Earth Day, but do it right.

Thank you, Adara, for sharing. Someday soon I hope that you, your world, your struggles, enemies, allies, and love interests will be shared with the world through Kindles, hardcover and softcover books. I’m currently in the process of sending out more agent letters. Already received a rejection letter and took it graciously. If I’m unsuccessful with the traditional route to publication, there’s always self-publishing, dear, so no frowns.

Happy Earth Day, everyone!

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