Riding the Rejection Roller Coaster – guest blog post by Daniella Levy

“Here’s the thing.
Human beings need hope.
We can’t live without it.”
Thank you for writing this, Daniella and thank you Trish for reposting it. 🙂

Trish Hopkinson

dl2I used to be terrified of hope.

Well, I was actually terrified of disappointment. But I saw hope as a seductive and deceptive force that enticed me to climb higher, making the inevitable fall hurt that much more.

I started writing novels when I was twelve years old, and have been searching for an agent since I was fifteen. After five years, a few “almosts” and a whole lot of rejections, I took a break from writing fiction and querying agents. Around six years later, my next novel smacked me upside the head and forced me to write it. (I really have no other way to put it.) And when it was done, and I finished revising it, I decided I was going to try this querying thing again. But this time I wouldn’t make the same mistakes I made as a teen. “No expectations,” I told myself firmly. When…

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