Trust? Who do ya trust?

In the 1989 film, “Batman” and in the Year of All That is Purple and Glamorous, Prince’s (aka The Artist Formerly Known as Prince — may he rest in peace) iconic song, “Trust” plays in the background as the Clown Prince of Crime (aka The Joker) uses free money to lure Gotham’s citizens to a parade where he can spray them all with Smylex gas held within giant parade balloons so the citizens can die laughing . . . with a “Love That Joker” rictus smile on their faces.

::Takes a Deep Breath:: to recover from the intentional lack of commas.

Love That Joker

I don’t enjoy discussing the nasty side of politics (wait, is there another side — lol?) because it often produces an emotionally visceral reaction from most people.

So, I will be quick and arrive to the point. Be careful with whom you trust during these surreal times. The truth is more precious than gold.

But how does one find the truth in a world that is reeling and teeming with deception and lies?

*Here are some tips:

• Committing to be neutral/impartial no matter the pressure, risk, or consequences
• Get a wide range of inputs
• Do not be swayed by politics of any kind at all.
• Be open to any result (don’t begin with the conclusion and don’t eliminate some options up front)
• Test everything. In fact, test it multiple times or ways if you can.
• Use a wide range of sources from multiple sides
• Know the biases of your sources
• Ask really tough questions in a neutral/unbiased way without giving away the answer you want to hear
• Recognize and respect red flags when I encounter them
• Always be open to correction and new interpretations based on the best evidence and analysis
• Test everything all the time against neutral and unbiased sources.

Neutral and Unbiased sources? Wherever can you find them?

*Here’s a handy-dandy and useful chart:

Media Bias Chart

*I didn’t create this chart, nor did I create the bulleted list. Full credit belongs to and one of her awesome followers, who gleaned them from her site and others. I post them here for your benefit. 🙂 Share what you learn with others so that truth will prevail!



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