A Disaster Strikes Cuba

WHOA! This is crazy! 😦 Poor people of Cuba! 😦

The Harbinger

By Jaylyn Gonzalez

In the hours between seven and eight Sunday evening, various storm warnings were issued throughout South Florida. However, at the last second, the storm took a turn to Cuba, developing into a tornado that left the already fragile capital, Havana, in shambles.

The unexpected and monstrous tornado ripped through the Cuban streets; Vehicles and pieces of houses were crushed by falling debris and thrown around like toy cars as it tore through Havana neighborhoods.

The storm lasted throughout late Sunday and early Monday, causing a blackout that hit many areas at around 9 p.m Sunday.

According to information published by local media outlet Cubanet, the affected neighborhoods include Santo Suárez, Luyanó, Vía Blanca, Regla and Chibás. But, the neighborhood of Regla appeared to have suffered some of the worst damage.

During the storm, residents of the Cuban capital said that the tornado sounded like a “jet…

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