Why Social Media Is Stressing Us Out

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Terri Herman-Ponce

Social media is a great thing. It can also be a dangerous thing — to your happiness and peace of mind.

Sure, posting your life stories and thoughts and updates on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook or any other social media of choice can make you feel good. It can give you a sense of community or belonging. It can help you make friends and influence people. It can also help grow your business and network.

It can also make you miserable.

According to recent survey statistics, we’ve never felt more alone than we do right now in the 21st century. Despite all the clicking and refreshing, the uploads and likes, the memes and laughs and fuzzy kittens, we’ve become empty. Many people are addicted to social media or, at the very least, are using it to provide a sense of self worth. People not only look for the immediate…

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