Welcome 2018! Happy New Year, Everyone! Let’s Get This Party Started!

In about 15 minutes, I need to hurry to the gym to lift some weights. While organizing my brand new file cabinet (it’s gorgeous with its black lacquer-looking facade), I came across notes I took at a past Pinellas Writers (formerly called PINAWOR) meeting. Sheesh, I’m such a pack rat. These notes are from April 18, 2009! Lol.

At this meeting fellow author, Diane Sawyers, (I read her book the Montauk Steps and need to write a review) shared a lot of wonderful advice on the life of writers. One bit of advice that I never forgot was to exercise! Whether it was belly-dancing, Zumba Fitness, Pilates, Piloxing (yes, that’s a thing), Tabata, Hiit workouts, Kickboxing, and on and on!

Over a decade ago, I used to be over 230 (nearly 240) pounds! Not only did I heed this lady’s advice, but I lost a lot of weight. I shrunk from a size 18 to a size 6. 🙂 And most important of all?

Exercise released endorphins in my body and helped in improving my mood!

The Happy Hormone!

I have a novel that I MUST finish by my birthday, which is in 17 more days! My insane goal is to write at least 5,000 words each day until then. So, let’s get this party started the right way! That’s all for now!


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