Writers, If You Beta Read, Read Before You Comment

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I was a member of two writer’s groups up until recently. A book by public speaker and writer, Brian Tracy, motivated me to find a writer’s group in order to learn from other writers. That’s not a bad idea at all. But I learned that many fellow writers can’t turn off the competition switch. They will constantly compare their writing to your as they read your writing, or even if they just hear about it. They will snub your story without hearing the whole plot. This is done to protect themselves. To make themselves feel more secure about their work. This behavior reminds me of a story Robert Kiyosaki, Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, shared about a fellow writer at a conference he went to. He offered her help with marketing. She was an excellent writer, just not a good saleswoman. She had trouble getting her book exposure. Well, she…

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One thought on “Writers, If You Beta Read, Read Before You Comment

  1. This reminds me of reading Snape’s character in the Harry Potter series. He frustrated me so much. I couldn’t figure out his motivation. Why would he be such a dick to a child? What kind of douche would punish the son of the kid who bullied him? I disliked him through the whole series, because Rowling kept his motivation so close to her chest. And when she finally revealed it, she had me in tears. And she took a character whose behavior had baffled and frustrated me for years, revealed one little thing about him, and made me understand him completely. She took a character I wanted to kick in the head and made my heart bleed for him. For me, that was the most masterful thing she did in that series. She kept me in the dark the whole time and, with one little piece of information, made everything clear. That definitely taught me you have to withhold judgement until you know the whole story (not bad advice for life either).

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