Book Review for Covenant’s End by Ari Marmell

The world Marmell created in the Widdershins’ series, along with the lively characters, will be greatly missed. No, I didn’t like the series – I absolutely, positively, hopping frogs ADORED it! His metaphors, which are not only clever and unique kept my mind stimulated and his action scenes, both vivid and spot-on played out like the most popular martial arts movie. I don’t know how he does it. Literary skill of this magnitude – can it be taught? Is it taught? If so – WHERE? Can it be bottled, purchased, and imbibed?

Or is one born with it?

I shall refrain from my Fan Girl Gushing – for now. J

I’m well past my YA days (as a reader), but as a writer, I’ve been dabbling in it. Marmell’s series is what reintroduced me to the YA genre. Kind of like how Death Note reintroduced me to anime and manga. I suppose I was going through a phase in my late twenties where I thought I was “too kewl” for that stuff. Well, I was delusional and so glad to have realized that sooner than later.

After reading the second book in the series and being introduced to one of the most vile, wicked, and charmingly bizarre villains (Iruoch) I didn’t think Marmell could surpass such a fantabulous creation in future books. And in the fourth book, he didn’t disappoint! Lovers of fantasy will love this series.

So, don’t hesitate and dive into this YA world.

I hope that Marmell keeps his word and includes Widdershins, lovable thief with a heart of gold in other books because I am truly addicted!

Well done, Mr. Marmell. Well done.

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