Happy New Year 2020, Indeed!

Wow, wow! Incredible. We're already fifteen days into this new year and decade. 🙂 Yeah yeah, time is indeed relative, but I feel like the days are just gliding by! In between working and other responsibilities, I finally had the pleasure to sit down and organize a little something I call my Writer's Binder. I … Continue reading Happy New Year 2020, Indeed!

Anyone For a Game of . . . Rejection Bingo?

Well. The time has come, folks. ::rubs hands:: Here's my score sheet for a short story that I can't get through The Gates (published). No one wants to give this story a home. It's loveless. It's homeless. And I just want to weep. So, I forced myself to see the "bright side": what prize can … Continue reading Anyone For a Game of . . . Rejection Bingo?

5 (Out)+ 5 (Ready) X Patience = SUCCESS!

I teach reading and the title of this post reminds me of a math equation. My oldest son is a Math Wonder and he smirks when I admit to him that the mere mention of mathematical equations makes me break out in hives. 5 (Out)+ 5 (Ready) X Patience = SUCCESS! So, what's with that … Continue reading 5 (Out)+ 5 (Ready) X Patience = SUCCESS!

Goal: At Least 50 REJECTIONS a YEAR? No Problem, Let’s Go Crazy!

Typically, rejection doesn't hold a positive connotation. And why would it? Rejection is painful. When I was much younger writer, I often didn't bother submitting my work because I didn't think it would be accepted. Plenty of times while writing a query letter or a cover letter, the part that always froze me up was … Continue reading Goal: At Least 50 REJECTIONS a YEAR? No Problem, Let’s Go Crazy!