Silver Lining Rejection Letters

In a previous post, I discussed acceptance letters and some good news. 🙂 Today is not that day. 😈 Not all rejection letters are equal. Nor should they serve the same purpose for writers. It has been quipped that authors could wallpaper their homes with rejection letters. Let us instead utilize these often painful responses … Continue reading Silver Lining Rejection Letters

Uncorked 2020 Movie is . . . fantastic actually. 🍷

I finished watching Uncorked about a month ago. Like the main character, Elijah, I wasn't yet cemented on what I thought of it. I was incredibly wishy-washy. Me: I think I liked it, but the ending . . . Also Me: I loved it, and yet why didn't it just . . . GIVE ME … Continue reading Uncorked 2020 Movie is . . . fantastic actually. 🍷