You Can’t Write That.

You Can’t Write That. Oh really? Just watch. 🙂 The title of this blog post comes from a very tender spot in my life as an author and a Black woman growing up in the USA. Several years ago, I dated a close-minded individual (Who Shall Remain Nameless) told me that I couldn’t write my … Continue reading You Can’t Write That.

Fleshing Out Your Characters

When I reflect on my favorite characters (those I've created and those I've read from other authors) they seem so real to me. I remember them. I long to read their next adventure and often wait impatiently for that next juicy book to hit bookstores or library shelves. I've met twisted characters. Characters who weren't … Continue reading Fleshing Out Your Characters

Murdering Your Darlings Is Not Enough

     According to Rob Parnell, (, “Murder your darlings” was a phrase first coined by Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch (or Fitzgerald or Faulkner or Nabakov or even Stephen King, depending on who you believe). I once saw this phrase in sticker form years ago on a fellow writer’s binder. She was a delightful young lady with … Continue reading Murdering Your Darlings Is Not Enough