Haikubes – April 30th, 2020

Theme and Direction A reflection on . . . my childhood. Sweet gardenias Indelibly on the brain, Unfading fragrance.

Haikubes – April 22nd, 2020

Theme and Direction A reflection on . . . my childhood. Growing up, I listened a lot to Chris de Burgh, Erasure, De la Soul, Prince, Boogiemonsters, Digable Planets, Tears for Fears, and so many more amazing artists. πŸ™‚ Rain soaks Romeo Chris de Burgh's Lady in Red dances 'neath the moon . . .

Haikubes – April 15th, 2020

As a child I love, love, LOVED ladybugs . . . and still do! And yes indeed they do come in many other shades besides the typical red with white polka-dots, but that particular color combination is so iconic! πŸ˜€ Theme and Direction A reflection on . . . my childhood Cerise with white dots … Continue reading Haikubes – April 15th, 2020

Haikubes – April 12th, 2020

Greetings! As a child, my fascination with fantastical creatures such as gnomes, fairies, and elves branched off into other interests like vampires, werewolves, water spirits, and gargoyles (to name a few!). I grew up watching series and movies teeming with these characters, as well devouring tons of stories from the pages of books or from … Continue reading Haikubes – April 12th, 2020

Haikubes – April 6th, 2020

Theme and Direction: Tirade about . . . my childhood. Hmmm. The word tirade isn't accurate, but the Haikubes were tossed and thus: Screams -- fist tears, blood smears. Vodka burns my eyes . . . but I Wasn't the target?