Meet The Woman Bringing A Caribbean Twist To French Champagne


Repeating Islands

A report by Christopher Johnson for CNN

A region in the north of France roughly twice the size of San Francisco is the birthplace of a revered sparkling wine synonymous with wealth, luxury and exclusivity.

Champagne — the name of the region and the drink — sells around 300 million bottles a year, with the industry being worth over $5 billion. And no bottle of sparkling wine produced outside of this unique region is allowed to be labeled or called Champagne.

But one woman is bringing a taste of the French Caribbean to this world of elites.

Marie-Ines Romelle, 42 years old, with her labelMarie CĂ©saireis infusing it with the culture of her native Guadalupe as the first Black woman to join the exclusive world of Champagne producers.

The special ingredient in Marie Césaire’s champagne is sugar cane, a crop commonly found in the Caribbean.

Instead of opting…

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