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I hate injustice. I abhor “whataboutisms”. Thankfully, Eleanor does, too, and calls out the absolute obtuse nonsense that some individuals have added to the ongoing conversation regarding racism and misogyny when they say, “Oh, he had a bad day”. WTF?! He murdered people! This irreverent narrative is not only abusive to the victims, their families, their friends, but also disgusting, and cannot stand.

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I’m heartbroken for my Asian sisters and Asian-American Pacific Islander communities in the United States and abroad for the brutal killings yesterday in Georgia. Women went to work to provide for their families during an ongoing pandemic. A married couple sought to share a couple’s massage. The husband escaped the shootings. His wife, a new mother, died.

Then this happened during a press conference in Georgia…

“Yesterday was a really bad day for him and this is what he did.” – Jay Baker, Cherokee Sheriff spokesman.

A bad day? Not acceptable! Why did Jay Baker think it was okay, useful, or appropriate to give us his two cents on the killer’s state of mind before, during, and after he slayed eight people? Think about that. Who asked him to volunteer that information? The mass murderer massacred six women. Two men. I don’t have to know him. Stick to the facts…

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