JuNoWriMo 2020 Days 29 and 30

Today and yesterday, I did some much needed world-building research.

I battled impostor syndrome, FOMO, and self-rejection.

Battered, bruised, and laced with scars, I reflect on a slice of what’s going on in my writer’s life. 🙂

During and of course in between researching, I took a lot of notes, revised some wobbly, messy bits. It also helped to tone the weak and flabby parts of my WIP. A couple of new side characters were spawned. I dressed them in flesh and have sent them backpacking into this literary world.

Overall, I filled ten notebook pages (back and front) and have not yet entered them on an electronic document, which I suppose is unfortunate because it makes word counting so much easier.

I have been deliberately avoiding my computer and all the distracting gifts it possesses. I feel more at ease, more at peace, and more productive. I will continue to abstain for the next couple of weeks.

Technology Carrie Snow

So, I suppose this is an impromptu hiatus. I will pop in sporadically.

See You Later Kitty Awwww
可愛い Awww – kawaii!

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