JuNoWriMo 2020 Days 19 and 20

On Friday, I wrote only a couple hundred words for my WIP in between submitting work to markets.

On Saturday, I wrote a couple hundred more and editing the first five pages. Though I haven’t been meeting my daily minimum word count goal, I’m glad that I’m still writing every day. Every word counts. 🙂

JuNoWriMo_20 Day Streak

Today, I re-watched Switched, which can be found on Netflix. I first watched it in 2018. The Japanese Drama series has elements of horror, comedy, romance, soft science fiction and fantasy. Topics such as bullying, inner strength, loving yourself, accepting help, letting the right people in your inner circle are a few of the themes visited in the series. The series is complete with six episodes. It’s strange. It’s maddening. It’s complicated. It’s problematic. It’s potentially triggering. It’s melodramatic. It’s sad. It’s a gooey tray of Smores Pop-Tarts topped with a mountain of fudge brownies, Skittles, and served with a shot of Writer’s Tears Irish whiskey.

Most people (based on reviews I read) either loved it or hated it. I liked it for some reasons and felt sad about the series for other reasons.

Sometimes writing can be that way. 🙂




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