Quick Sip Reviews’ Take On “Bondye Bon”!

This review is a more than two years old, but it’s a timely one for me for obvious and perhaps not so obvious reasons.

One, I missed seeing this review the first time it was published in 2018.

During that time, I met so many amazing authors and readers.

And two, my other author website http://www.moniquedesirauthor.com had an untimely death, so a lot of the reviews I compiled there will have to be excavated from the web and added here. You see, when you have to choose between buying groceries and cute clothes for your children, it’s clear what has to be let go. It was a sacrifice that I had to make. So, the website had to . . . you know . . . erm . . . hmmm . . .ahem

Dead and Buried
May we see each other again when you are newer and more  improved you, Website! ::Dabs eyes with a handkerchief spun from fairy feathers::

All I have to say is I appreciate Charles’s review, and now will let it speak for itself. 🙂


QuickSipReviews_Bondye Bon 2018

The magazine’s entire review can be read here. ENJOY! 🙂

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