JuNoWriMo 2020 Day 6

Coming up with chapter titles is something I always look forward to. Unfortunately, they don’t always come so easily. So, instead of wasting time and thinking of one, I just continued writing the chapter and decided that backtracking and naming the title afterwards is fine, too. I have three more unnamed chapters to go. 🙂

Some authors simply number the chapters. I noticed that chapter titles are often used in middle-grade novels and I did so in my fantasy novel, Moonstruck. Giving each chapter a specific name can help children to make predictions, make connections, and even assist them in staying focused.

I noticed that chapter titles can also raise interest and intrigue. Readers may wonder, “Hey! What’s the meaning behind this chapter title? I’m going to read and find out.” I like my chapter titles quirky, promising, exciting, and rewarding. I also love punchlines.

Today’s word count is 1,969 words. Yay! 🙂

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