Microfiction Monday: The Sound of Silence?

Sometimes Twitter surprises me with potentially inspiring tweets. Like this one:

Quite Interesting_Twitter

I love J.K. Rowling’s reply:

JK Rowling Tweet

I’m more of an ambivertly (is that even a word — it is NOW) inclined introvert and the stigma we get for our desire for solitude, reflection, and peace of mind is unfair. Introverts and extroverts shouldn’t be in competition and one is no more normal or weirder than the other. It’s just who we are and how we interact in this big, beautiful world.

Eventually, the speculative writer in me posed questions and wondered: What if it’s not the reason why every participant would rather be shocked than sit with their thoughts? What more — what if it’s not that their thoughts they can’t bear to be “stuck with”, but someone else’s? 🙂 And what if the thoughts aren’t thoughts at all, huh? What if they’re much ado about nothing idle chatter?

My Tweet

It wasn’t the silence that scared Lethe. She loved silence. Craved it. But it had ghosted her and had been replaced with the chatter of gods. The only way to silence the Elder Gods’ garrulous gibbering was with constant movement . . . or pain.

“Shock me again!” she ordered.

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