Haikubes – April 26th, 2020

Theme and Direction

A reflection on . . . my (former) work life.

Several years ago, I used to have two jobs: teaching full-time and instructing Zumba Fitness classes part-time. Now, I workout at home por moi. As a FFK (Former Fat Kid) I know what it’s like to notice when the chub-chub rolls are making a comeback, the muscles are surrendering to gravity, and the jiggle isn’t jiggly-jiggling because I dropped into a hip shimmy or a body roll, but because the cupcakes and that extra slice of Brie cheese is screaming:

“I’ll get you my little pretty and your little thighs, too!”

I'll Get You My Little Pretty

WE are not having it! No!!!!

And look, listen, and remember: I have nothing against overweight people or itsy, bitsy teeny weeny people. You do you and Imma do me. I didn’t like carrying all of that extra weight. I didn’t like being at risk for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or any other unhealthy characteristics that are connected to being over and under weight. I lost almost 100 pounds over 16 years ago and have kept it off — even after having three children! No surgery. Just lifestyle changes! 🙂 I slimmed down from a size 18/20 to a size 4/6. I’m not fitness model material, but I think I look pretty good. So, does my husband and that’s all that matters! My favorite workouts are heavy weightlifting, dance cardio, (Soca, Belly dancing, AfroBeats, Reggaeton, and on and on) walking, HIIT training, etc. I love variety!

Skin shimmers with sweat.

Tripping the light fantastic!

Sultry hip shimmy.

3 thoughts on “Haikubes – April 26th, 2020

  1. I have just read all your haikubes and I love them.
    I’m gonna buy me some and see how they inspire me. I’m not sure I’d be able commit to daily haiku though.


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