7 Tips to Having Villains Team Up: Let the Eye-Rolling Ensue

7 Tips to Having Villains Team Up: Let the Eye-Rolling Ensue
brought to you by Charles Yallowitz. Numbers 1, 4, and 7 are the first tips I’m going to try.

Legends of Windemere

Sinister Six

It’s time for the villains to unite against one or many heroes.  Such a faction of evil can only be stopped by . . . Well, that’s a long list ranging from punches to infighting to whatever you can imagine.  Maybe they never figured out how to get out of their super secret headquarters, so they only got to threaten people.  Either way, your bad guys are working together and that means you’ll be tempted to something that nobody (except for everybody) has dreamed of doing.  That brings us to:

  1. Villains do NOT have to betray each other.  I’m getting my big pet peeve out of the way.  Yes, they are bad guys and loyalty isn’t their thing.  We make them more evil by having them betray others or off a minion for sneezing without a tissue.  This becomes cartoonish though.  People are so used to this ending…

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