Guest Post: How to Talk to Children About Mental Illness by Author Michelle Vasiliu

The Strawberry Post

Last week I was lucky enough to have aninterview with author Michelle Vasiliu who writes children’s books about mental health.  Being able to talk to children about this difficult subject can be daunting for some parents, but often necessary, especially if a parent is going through their own mental health problems and wants their children to understand why they might behave differently to before.  But how can we approach these subjects with children?

Author Michelle Vasiliu has already published a couple of picture books which can help adults and children understand living with a parent with bi polar (Me and My Sad Mummy) and depression (TogetherThings).  But today on the blog she has kindly put together some interesting points to consider when approaching this subject, as well as some practical tips on how you can talk to your children about mental illness:

Points to consider when talking…

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