Happy New Year 2020, Indeed!

Wow, wow! Incredible.

We’re already fifteen days into this new year and decade. 🙂

Yeah yeah, time is indeed relative, but I feel like the days are just gliding by!

In between working and other responsibilities, I finally had the pleasure to sit down and organize a little something I call my Writer’s Binder.

I start off with a cover page, which showcases an enlarged inspirational quote:

Binder 2019

Or I will search for several quotes that I strategically choose to motivate me to work through the negative orchestra rising to a crescendo of doubt inside my head. It’s a tried and true practice that I’ve adapted to strengthen and plant me in a positive, growth mindset, and these quotes are intended to subdue said orchestra that blows any shred of optimism I dare hold with the bombastic doom that rivals, O Fortuna (Carmina Burana).

If only doom could be this adorably absurd . . . and vibrantly green.

I also embellish the binder with items I love, such as pop-up butterfly stickers, Hello Kitty stickers (yeah, I’m a girly-girl — and as of this year a “nerdy” girly-girl):

The interior includes January-December Table of Contents Divider tabs, which allows me to keep track of every submission, rejection, and upcoming calls for submissions all year long! 😀

Writer Binder_Month Tabs

I’m still in possession of that lovely and useful Rejection Bingo sheet, which I found online:

I will once again use this item to keep track of the handful of misfit stories that I’ve been unable to sell as of yet. Yet. That’s right. It may not have happened yet. But it will. Growth Mindset!

Thank you, Naruto! Thank you! I do! I do. ::weeps sparkling tears of joy as glittery rose petals appear mysteriously:

Likewise, the more I submit, the higher chances I have to selling more. No self-rejection allowed!

One of my fellow writers has finally sold a story that has been rejected several times and it’s nearly a decade old! I’m so happy for her and look forward to posting its birthplace on this blog. 🙂

No writer could hope for more, yes? 🙂


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