Things to do when you’re stuck in the middle of your novel

Uninspired Writers

Have you ever been there? Perhaps, like me, you’re there right now. You’ve been hastily writing the exciting start of your novel, powering through as your ideas flood the pages. But then…the middle. Suddenly things slow down. And before you know it, you’re completely stuck. You may have an idea for the ending, but not a clue how to get there. So now what? Here are some things you can try when you’re stuck in the middle of your novel.

Take some time to get to know your characters
Sometimes it helps to delve into your characters a bit more. And not just the main ones, but your supporting cast too. Spend some time with each of them, write a scene in their POV even if they’re not your POV character. Explore their inner thoughts and motivations, their likes and dislikes. It may spark an idea for a plot…

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