You Love a Book, You Adore The Cover – But Do You Know Who Made it?

The Strawberry Post

We’re always told not to judge a book by it’s cover, but when it comes to book buying, admit it – most of us do! 😮 😀  The first thing you see that often pulls you in to wanting to even read the blurb on the back is a beautiful looking cover.  While different covers will attract different readers, one thing is for certain: Book covers matter and do affect how many people will read the books.  So why is it, when there are so many new books released every month, that we hardly ever know who designed those amazing covers?

Those beautiful pictures inside

In every book review I’ve done that features pictures inside a book, whether it’s a dedicated picture book or a middle grade or ya fantasy with some lovely artwork or maps, I’ve always felt the need to comment on the illustrations that form the pictures…

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