The Reality of Everyday Racism

I can relate to this: “It may be a glaring look by an employee or a customer. It may be me being invisible in a line and seeing a white person who arrived after me being waited on first.” The reason why training is so necessary as a tool to fight against racism is because laws alone DO NOT change the hearts that harbor these evil ideologies. Thank you for writing this. 🙂


by Kiki

It’s hard not to be reminded, on a daily basis, that racism in America is alive and well.

One recent instance to make the news took place on October 26 at a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant near Chicago, Illinois. A group of about 20 family members and friends, including several children, wereapproachedby an employee who purportedly asked group member Justin Vahl, “What race are you?”

When Vahl asked the relevance of this information, he says another employed explained, “We have a regular customer here who doesn’t want to sit around black people.”

Vahl’s wifepostedan account of the incident, including a photo of the back of the customer who complained. It went viral, an attorney was retained and a press conference was held.

Buffalo Wild Wingsfiredthe two employees. “We take this incident very seriously,” a company spokesperson said. “Buffalo Wild Wings values an…

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