Writing The Final Draft: What To Check

K.M. Allan

You know that meme where writers name their files “Final Draft”, “Final Draft 2”, “Final Draft 3”, “Really Final Draft”, “Really, Really Final Draft”, “Seriously Final Draft” etc.

I get that. I’m currently working on the sixth draft of an MS I literally named “Final Draft” three drafts ago.

Past-Me probably thought it would be. Present-Me just spent eight months rewriting the whole thing and knows Future-Me still has at least one more draft to go.

Did I plan to rewrite for eight months? No. Did I want it to take eight months? Double no. Do I want the next draft to take that long? Hell no.

To get to the real “Final Draft” I’ve decided to get a little organized, a little crafty, a little planner-like, and tackle this next draft efficiently and quickly. And this is what I’ll be checking to achieve that.

Writing The Final Draft: What To…

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