How To Turn Your Novel Into A TV Series – by Tim Hawken…

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on The Creative Penn:

As more streaming services come into being, stories are needed more now than ever. Tim Hawken shares his experience turning a book into a TV series, what (and who) you need to know, and how to bring that dream closer to reality.


Having your book turned into a film or TV series is every author’s dream. With streamingservices like Netflix, Amazon, and more buying up content left, right and center, there has never been a better time to be putting a pitch together for your own story.

But where on earth do you start and what do you need for the best shot at having it picked up? I recently went through this process for my Hellbound Trilogy of books, teamed up with screenwriter/producer Ken Kabatoff (Travelers on Netflix) and actor Charlie Bewley (Twilight, The Vampire Diaries). The experience taught me…

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