Wolfsbane and Werewolves

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In a former post, I discussed the beautiful but deadly herb Aconite, or wolfsbane (sometimes spelled wolf’s bane), also known as monkshood.  In this post I’m dwelling on its wolfsbane component as werewolves and the herb are linked in lore.

Regarding werewolves, wolfsbane is reputed to repel not kill werewolves and vampires.  I gleaned that from this site on : How To Kill A Werewolf, Methods and Materials.

The contributor,  named Buddy,  recommends the following to kill a werewolf, should you need to know by the next full moon:Silver. You’ll see this in almost any movie that you watch about werewolves – werewolf hunters are always in need of the “silver bullet” to kill the werewolf, claiming that that is the only thing that will kill it. Sometimes a silver blade is used.  This method is used often in hollywood movies and werewolf fiction, and often anything…

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