Cover Design: 4 Tips to Keep in Mind – by Renee Wittman…

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on Jami Gold:

If we’ve been part of the writing community for a while, we’ve probably come across some basic advice about cover design. Those of us who get a say into our covers—either because our publishers listen to us or because we self-publish—might have even paid attention to some of those tips. *grin*

But as with most aspects of writing, there’s always more to learn. I’ve talked before about finding cover artists and my struggle to find diverse cover art. The latter is something both I and the author of today’s guest post have in common.

Another thing we have in common is a pet peeve for an issue found in celebrity magazines all the time, and yet authors are far too likely to make the same mistake on our covers. To address that and other cover issues, author and artist Renee Wittman is here today to share

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