How music took down Puerto Rico’s governor

Behold, the power of music.

Repeating Islands

perreoIn the Washington Post, Verónica Dávila and Marisol LeBrón recently wrote on “perreo combativo” [contestatory or combative perreoperreo is the dance style associated with reggaetón] and underground music, which “overcame censors to gain popularity and political power” in the context of the massive protests and creative demonstrations that forced former governor Ricardo Rosselló to resign in Puerto Rico.

On July 24, Puerto Ricans made history when, after nearly two weeks of massive public protests, Ricardo Rosselló finally resigned as governor. Puerto Ricans found increasingly creative ways to gather people in the streets to demand this change. They protested on horses, motorcycles, jet skis, kayaks, yoga mats and by banging pots. Yet it was the young people dancing provocatively on the steps of the oldest cathedral in the New World to the boom-ch-boom-chick-boom-ch-boom-chick of reggaetón beats that may have finally forced Rosselló out of office.

This “perreo combativo

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