Haiti – Cuba : 25th anniversary of the Haitian vocal group «Desandann»

Repeating Islands


A report from Haiti Libre.

The vocal group “Desandann”, composed of ten singers from the Camagüey professional choir, descendants of Haitians living in Cuba for several generations, celebrated its 25th anniversary with a series of activities in the capital of the central province of Cuba.

During the concert given at Camagüey’s Principal Theater, the vocal group Desandann showed a range of his repertoire, which includes traditional songs, Haitian folk songs and compositions of the Group. The show was completed, for the Haitian side, by the performances of Caidije, the oldest of the Haitian-Cuban groups, founded in 1926 by Fanm Zetwal, the only exclusively women group of its kind, composed of fifteen women from the neighboring province of Ciego de Avila, and the frontyè group of the singer Marcelo Andrés Luis (member of Desandann). Cuban music was represented thanks to the Imagen quartet and the Voces duo of Teresita Romero…

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