Marlon James Finds Inspiration…

Repeating Islands

marlon-james-field-trip-interview-01In “Marlon James Finds Inspiration in Greek Tragedy, Ethiopian redoubts, and The Affair,” Keziah Weir (Vanity Fair) writes about the prize-winning Jamaican author’s inspirational sources, past influences, his work habits, and future literary ventures. Read the full text at Vanity Fair. Here are excerpts from Weir’s interview with James:

Marlon James, author of the Booker Prize–winning novel A Brief History of Seven Killings, can write almost anywhere. Except, he says, in his own apartment. “I have a fully functional office at home that I’ve never stepped into. It has a computer. It has a printer. It has a scanner. And it has cobwebs.” Instead, the Kingston, Jamaica-born writer bikes 10 minutes to his workspace in Minneapolis’s Stevens Square, where he keeps some of his most inspiration-sparking books—from speculative fiction by Ursula K. Le Guin to Aeschylus’s The Oresteia—and the walls are lined with research for his…

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